Ariadna: Uxia McNeill (S.A.S. CP)


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      “Man, they had me in their sights before… and I survived”. Uxía McNeill to the recruiting Sergeant as she picked up his shirt.

      Uxía McNeill is a five foot 6 inch wild beast. Rude, temperamental, violent and foul-mouthed, she’s an aunthentic bad apple.

      She was lieutenant of a street gang, a member of an Irmandinha contraband ring and has survived four years in the Ariadna army. In the Special Ariadna Service she can put into practice the daring tactics learned with the Irmandinhos smugglers. She learned how to avoid the border patrols while smuggling and now she knows how to stay undetected from the security networks. Nevertheless, she’s not the most appropriate one for carrying out stake outs. Because once the enemy shows himself Uxía goes crazy shouting out insults and makes her “Ramona”, her dear reliable shotgun, spit bullets.

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