Haqqislam: Tuareg (Sniper) (1)


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      Tuareg (Sniper) (1)

      Murabids are the desert people, the people from the dunes. They serve in the Haqqislamite army as advanced explorers. Their units are formed by Badawis from the Taba region, the sand nomads who keep their beriberi culture. They are slim men who use recycled gear, shoulder bags, flexible boots and dune equipment. Murabids are motivated by a certain fatalism that makes them unbreakable people. You will never see them cower if adverse conditions turn catastrophic. The Tuaregs love the desert; they see it as a clean, unforgiving, hard and dangerous place. According to their philosophy, to survive in the desert you have to become part of it, never take it as an adversary. When they move between the dunes they are completely silent, their robes flowing in the shadows, blurring their silhouettes, as phantom veils

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