Nomads: Moderators from Bakunin (Combi Rifle)


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      Moderators from Bakunin (Combi Rifle)

      The Moderators are the tactical police unit of Bakunin, providing a rapid response force for any crisis situation. They carry out military security roles, defensive combat operations, rearguard control tactics and antiterrorist missions. They are responsible for bolstering the security of Bakunins facilities when the threat level rises beyond the abilities of regular security forces, and to ensure the safety of any Priority-1 cargo on spaceships docked in Bakunin. In their role as a security and counter-insurgence force, they are more used to facing internal threats rather than external. However, the pressure of the so-called Social Energy of Bakunin and the peculiarity of its inhabitants, obliges the Moderators Corps to possess an astounding tactical flexibility. It is not recommended to consider them as a negligible paramilitary force. During the actions of the Equilibrium Phase and the Violent Intermission, they proved they constitute a very tough and effective combat resistance force.

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