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Warhammer 40,000 Competitive League July 19th, 2024

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Warhammer 40,000 Competitive League July 19th, 2024

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      Hello everyone,


      We are happy to announce our 2024 Warhammer 40,000 League!


      The League will be similar to one long tournament, in the style of many of the leagues that have happened around the GTA, with each round lasting for three weeks. 

      For those that have entertained the thought of entering their first competitive style event but are a little intimidated by the time constraints that that type of event might entail, this might be the perfect middle ground for you!  Although this will be run like a competitive event, players will have up to 15 minutes before the store closes to complete their games.  This will typically mean 3 or more hours to complete your game (start time depending).


      ENTRY: $40



       1st, 2nd, 3rd and Best Painted. 

      We will also be handing out at least two raffle prizes (potentially more based on participation).  Tickets for the raffle will be awarded based on the round that the player is participating in.


      1st round: 1 ticket

      2nd round: 2 tickets

      3rd round: 3 tickets




       A fully assembled, 2,000 point army and the 2024 Mission Deck.  Army does not need to be painted.  All proxies must be approved, the quantity of which will be completely discretionary and based on the organizers own biases and taste. Typical rule of thumb is one proxied unit will be allowed if it satisfies the organizers quality check.



       All games must take place within the store.  There will be a dedicated night for the league where league members will receive special preference for tables.  Please note that special preference does not mean every table.  Players will also be able to play on any other day with store hours potentially adjusting depending on participation.  Players will be able to organise their games on our store Discord page and will have a dedicated channel to do so.



      This will depend on participation and will be as follows:


      6-8 players: 3 rounds

      9-16 players: 4 rounds

      17-32 players: 5 rounds


      Each round will be 3 weeks with players organising a date amongst themselves.



      Life happens but the show must go on.  If players cannot find the time to play, players will be given a score of 0/0.  At the organizers discretion, if a player is found to be less available than the other, a win will be awarded to the more available player, with a loss given to the least available player.



      Staff will be able to participate in this event.  Their entry will be added to the prize pool and they can qualify for all prizes.  Staff participating in the event will not be able to judge any games they are participating in and there will be at least another (if not two) Judge that can make rulings.  If there are no official Judges available on the day, players can ask an available player from the league that is playing on the same day to make a ruling.  Failing that, they can post the question on Discord and wait an agreed amount of time for a ruling.  Lastly, players can roll a die to resolve the matter.



      Players will be able to change their lists under certain conditions.  If a player looses a round, they will be able to change their list.  This will only be allowed in the first stages of the league and will not be allowed in the last two rounds of the league.  List changes can include changing armies entirely.  Changes will be allowed under the following rounds:


      If League is 3 Rounds= losing 1st round

      If League is 4 Rounds= losing 1st and/or 2nd round

      If League is 5 Rounds= losing 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd rounds


      Please note that list adjustments must be submitted before the next rounds pairings.  Players will be given a window of time to submit new lists but once pairings have been made, lists will be locked.

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